Are there any hidden cost?

No. We are a small family run business trying our best to establish a good brand. The prices quoted are what you pay. There are options available which you can take when booking - though not many, as we try to be as all in as we can. Unlike the big hire companies that charge extra for gas, bedding, toilet rolls, etc, we try not to do that and you wont be charged for every tiny little thing. These vehicles are our home away from home and come with everything that you would need to enjoy your holiday.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes. like when you hire a car, we secure £1,000 against your payment method and only take the appropriate amount of this if there is any damage to the vehicle during your hire.

Unlike the larger companies that will take your entire deposit for minor damages (e.g. a blind which are approx. up to £200 depending on the size) however we just take what we need to fix/replace the damage, then return the remaining money to you.

The £1,000 would be kept if we have to claim off our insurance as this is the excess should we need to make a claim.

Do you need a special licence to drive a motorhome?

No. You do not need a special licence to drive these vehicles as they are all 3.5 tonne and under, however this means you will need to travel light to not to go over you licence weight of 3.5 tonnes. If you passed your test before 1997, you should have a C1 on your licence that would allow you to drive up to 7.5 tonne vehicle, your only weight restriction will be that of the motorhome max weight.

What is our availability?

You can check the motorhomes availability on your website to see if they are available when you require them.


Our website deals with all payments. Our payment system is Stripe, which are behind the scenes of most high street stores.

Our system takes an initial deposit of £150 and then automatically takes the finally payment 30 days before your hire.


You can choose to pay monthly at no extra cost if you let us know. We simply divide the final balance over the months before your hire takes place.

Where can you go in a motorhome?

You can travel anywhere you want in the UK.

You can book campsite before you go or there are a range or motorhome travel apps that show you campsites and free places to park over night along with what facilities they have. Please also look on our 'Places to Visit in a Motorhome' page for suggestions and suggestions of nearby campsites, aires, or wild camping locations.

What is wild camping?

This is where you don’t stop at a designated Motorhome campsite. Wild camping is camping out anywhere without EHU.

Our Motorhomes have solar so will last for a while without plugging in to EHU, but you will need to keep an eye on the leisure battery as going below 12v can destroy them, you may need to drive for an hour or so to recharge the battery.

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